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Most Native Reservations live in deplorable conditions similar to third world countries due to lack of funding and socio-economic development. This has led to inadequate housing, healthcare, education, and law enforcement.


As part of One World Venture Inc. (OTC:OWVI), we are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and give back to the communities we serve as we grow our business.

HEMP - The Incredible Weed

"Hemp has many societal and economic benefits that we have been prevented from having up until now. Growing hemp is legal under the laws of the Navajo Nation and the 2018 United States Farm Bill and we are more than ready to capitalize on what we do best...grow!"         


                                                ~ Dineh Benally, President of Navajo Nation Farm Board 

It's a Farmers and Agriculturists best friend!

  • Hemp cultivation replenishes and improves soil conditions.

  • The Navajo own 51% water rights to the San Juan River and can use these rights to provide unlimited water supply to farms and facilities.

  • It's relatively easy to plant and to grow, without chemicals or pesticides.

  • Can re-use soil after harvest.

  • Every part of the hemp plant can be used for production, including root, stem, leaves, flowers, seed.

Creates a competitive and economic climate that expert Navajo Nation farmers and businesses can compete in.

  • Income base from fees, permits and land leases.

  • Excise and use taxes for urgent needs of the Navajo Nation.

  • Attracts investment capital and related industries.

  • Employment and new business opportunities bringing educated youth and families back home again.

  • New source of revenue to help with schools, infrastructure and housing.

  • The Navajo are positioning themselves as the "Champions of Native American Hemp" and becoming recognized as leaders in this emerging industry.

  • Improving Navajo reputation as a good business and trading partner.  

This is a sustainable crop that can also provide access to better health and wellness products this Nation has not been able to obtain before.

  • Hemp is used as a highly nutritious natural food source for people and livestock.

  • Hemp products are used in traditional and alternative nature medicines and nutrients.

  • Hemp is used to treat skin problems and other ailments like diabetes.

  • The hemp and cannabis industry creates many job and business opportunities for Native American people.

  • Revenues can be funneled into other funding initiatives which can be used to improve education and scholarship programs.

  • Helps farmers make money for their families, bringing them close to the land again.


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