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Aqueous International Corporation is a One World Ventures Inc. company, that consists of its three subsidiaries: Aqueous Financial Services, Aqueous Cannabis Consulting, and Aqueous Sciences.


We provide consulting and financial services to businesses in various industries, including cannabis (from seed to sale). Services include all phases of private and public finance, business organization, formation, conception, design, planning, budgeting, project feasibility, development, deployment, operations, consultation, sales and marketing, expansion, mergers, acquisitions and public listings.


We also invest, or partner/joint venture with companies to cultivate, manufacture, distribute and sell cannabis products on Native American Reservations, in the United States and internationally.  Each Tribal Partnership provides any cannabis business an opportunity to reap many financial benefits and rewards.

We seek strategic partnerships with investors, financial institutions, state-of-the-art cultivators, extractors, manufacturers, distributors and research and development to further enhance product offerings. We are currently positioning ourselves as the Master Developer of what could be the largest cannabis campus in North America, located on the Navajo Nation, USA.  This campus is being developed in partnership with the Native American Agricultural Company (NAAC) to host companies from all over the United States and the world to cultivate, manufacture, distribute and sell cannabis-based products in the USA..

Our subsidiary, Aqueous Sciences has an exclusive contract to be the designated hemp and cannabis business recruiter for this global Navajo Nation Cannabis Campus project.

3800 Howard Hughes Pkwy

Las Vegas NV 89169


Tel: 702-331-9700

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